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Congratulations, on the birth of your little one! This is often one of the most exciting times in your life, but it can also be frustrating and overwhelming, leaving you with many unanswered questions as you and your baby

work to navigate these new waters.


Although breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural experience, sometimes it isn't so simple. Our lactation counselor will guide you with compassionate, evidence-based care so that you can be confident breastfeeding your baby and achieving your goals. The expertise and knowledge of our comprehensive team will help you overcome the challenges you face to support a successful breastfeeding journey.


A lactation consult is helpful for:

  • Prenatal Education

  • Latch and Positioning

  • Understanding your milk production

  • Understanding if your baby is getting enough

  • Learning typical newborn behaviors

  • Pumping (what to do and not to do)

  • Much, much more!


What to expect:

  • A thorough history of your breastfeeding journey thus far

  • Observation and assistance with feeding positions

  • Pre- and post-feeding weight checks to measure the volume of milk your baby transfers

  • A customized, evidence based care plan will be provided for you and your baby


To ensure a smooth consultation:

Please do your best to fill out paperwork prior to the scheduled appointment, even if that means arriving early to complete in office. This will allow more time making progress on the issues at hand, instead of finalizing paperwork! Have everything you use regularly for feeding readily available (this may include a nursing pillow, pump, bottles, formula, etc.) Try to feed your baby at a time when you can expect him/her to be hungry again about 30 minutes into the appointment. This probably means starting a feed 2-2.5 hours before the appointment. However, if your baby isn't hungry (or is frantically hungry!) at the appointment start time, don't worry. We will work with whatever situation we are in!

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