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Thermography is a non-invasive, no-contact, radiation-free, FDA cleared screening procedure that detects temperature differences to detect identifiable disturbances in physiology (irregular cells, diseases, tumors, cancer, etc.). It also measures inflammation throughout the body giving an important, non-invasive overview of one's health. 


Most pathological processes and growths demonstrate temperature increases or decreases. Breast cancer, for example, may be detected by looking for areas of excessive or increasing heat in the breast tissue, which can indicate areas of angiogenesis (the increase of blood vessels supplying irregular growths). This technology is not limited to breast cancer detection, but has the ability to detect irregular cells prior to tumor formation and is a reliable adjunct to mammography.

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Thermography Pricing

Breast Scan OR One Area of Concern $225
  • Includes images of the breast area, armpits, and lymphatic region

  • Option to do one area of concern, such as the head/neck for thyroid or dental check, abdomen, extremities, etc.

Breast Scan + One Area of Concern OR Two Areas of Concern $300

  • Includes images of the breast area, armpits, PLUS additional area of concern 

  • Option to do two areas of concern not involving the breast area

Half Body Scan $375

  • Includes images of the head, neck, breast/chest, torso, abdomen, and back

Full Body Scan $500

  • Includes images of the head, neck, breast/chest, torso, abdomen, back, arms, hands, legs, and feet

*All scans are self-pay and require a deposit at time of booking. Insurance does not reimburse for thermography, but HSA and FSA accounts can be utilized.





















Our goal is to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with every step of our process. We are here to support you and help you have the best experience in this healthcare journey. 

Scheduling an Appointment

Give our office a call at 334-446-5381 to set up your thermography appointment. Our team will answer any questions you may have, help you decide which scan best fits your needs or concerns, and guide you through our thermography process. A deposit is required to secure your thermography appointment and will be taken over the phone. Our policy requires a 24 hour cancellation notice or the deposit will be forfeited. The remainder of your fee will be due at the time of your service.

Thermography Intake Forms

After your appointment is scheduled, our team will send you a confirmation email with your appointment time and the link to the intake forms that must be completed prior to your appointment. This email will also include patient protocols to keep in mind prior to your thermography scan.

Appointment Day

​Our Thermography Technician will take you back to a private room with dim lighting for your comfort. A privacy screen is set up between you and your technician, where you will undress and stand in front of the thermography camera. This will start your 15 minute acclimation process to allow you to relax and let your body to acclimate to room temperature. This guarantees that the temperature readings are accurate and not affected by tight bra straps, clothing, outside weather, etc. Your technician will gather any additional history needed, discuss any concerns you have, and document necessary information in your chart. Once acclimated, your technician will ask you to move in specific positions in front of the camera in order to get accurate images of the breast or any areas of concern. After all images have been taken, your technician will instruct you to get dressed. Your technician is NOT allowed or qualified to discuss any of your thermography images. 

Your Results

Your images will be interpreted by PACT Board Certified physicians who are trained through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology and have many years of experience in medical thermography. Every image goes through three levels of analysis and interpretation by Doctors with varying degrees of expertise. A report will be created which will contain your images, medical history, and the Doctor’s impressions and recommendations based on a variety of factors. This in-depth analysis and multi-page report usually takes between 3-7 business days to complete. Reports will be issued to you directly by your technician in a digital format so you may enjoy the high-resolution images.

Report of Findings

We will send you an email with a Calendly link to schedule a 15 minute Report of Findings Consultation over the phone with Dr. Jessica to discuss your results and your next steps. Please be sure to review your report prior to scheduling this phone call and have any questions already written down. An additional 15 minutes can be scheduled, if necessary, for a $50 additional fee. ​

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