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Thermography is a no-contact, radiation-free, state-of-the-art screening procedure that uses heat mapping to locate areas of temperature fluctuation in the body, and detect identifiable disturbances (irregular cells, diseases, tumors, cancer, etc.) It also measures inflammation throughout the body, giving an important, non-invasive overview of one's health. 


Most pathological processes and growths demonstrate temperature increases or decreases. Breast cancer, for example, may be detected by looking for areas of excessive or increasing heat in the breast tissue, which can indicate areas of angiogenesis (the increase of blood vessels supplying irregular growths.) This technology is not limited to breast cancer detection, but has the ability to detect irregular cells prior to tumor formation and is a reliable alternative to mammography.

mammograms vs thermography.jpg

Family First Chiropractic has collaborated with Mobile Thermography Imaging of Atlanta, and periodically hosts local thermography screenings. Screening services are limited and are by appointment only. Please navigate the resources below to explore the thermography method, and to make arrangements for your local thermography screening.

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