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Prenatal Consult


This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any specific concerns you have prior to baby's arrival.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class


Learn the basics of breastfeeding and how to be successful during those first hours, days, and weeks. Bringing your support person is encouraged!

Breastfeeding Consult (Postnatal - In Office)


A thorough look into how breastfeeding is going. Complete with a care plan and pediatrician's report plus a 20-week follow-up phone call, to ensure you are meeting all of your infant feeding goals.

Lactation Support 

Breastfeeding Phone Consult (Postnatal)


This is great for questions that don't require an assessment. Examples: returning to work, pumping, starting solids, and/or weaning.

Breastfeeding Follow-Up


Sometimes things can't be resolved with one consultation, or things come up down the road, and an additional consultation is needed. If so, this option is for you!

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