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Kids  and  Chiropractic

Family First Chiropractic specializes in complete family care. Chiropractic care can be initiated immediately after birth and throughout a child's life. This prevents them from getting the typical aches and pains as adults and is a

proactive health care choice to prevent sickness.


Chiropractic care for children offers your family the foundation for optimum health and wellness! From the moment of birth throughout the extensive years of changes and growing, children are exposed to twisting and compression of the spine causing subluxations (misalignments). These subluxations prevent them from expressing their peak potential throughout life. A strong, healthy  nervous system is one of the greatest gifts

we can give to our children!

Birth trauma is one of the first biggest stressors in an infant's life, causing nerve dysfunction and resulting in a range of issues such as breathing weakness, colic, irritability, sleeping problems, and difficulty with feeding. The long-term impact of nerve dysfunction going undetected can create further problems as the child grows and develops.

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In addition to the physical distress of the birth process, your infant will endure many bumps, bruises, and falls as they grow, which will typically result in subluxations and nerve dysfunction. Physical causes of subluxation include being placed in car seats for extended periods of time, sleeping in a car seat without good support of the neck,

and sitting in doorway jumpers.

As your child grows older, there are many things that can cause physical trauma on the spine. Simple acts such as the frequent falls by toddlers as they learn to walk, occasional tripping, and even taking a tumble out of bed or off of a bicycle, may induce these mild traumatic spinal injuries. Other causes of subluxation include sports related injuries, skiing, rollerblading, and car accidents. Our society today is greatly centered around technology and the repetitive or prolonged postures while watching television, playing on the computer, and texting can

impact the way a child's spine develops.

Any aches or pains experienced by a child needs to be recognized as a message from the body that something needs to be addressed, not dismissed. ​However,  health cannot be measured simply by how your child feels because an absence of symptoms does not correlate to an absence of subluxations. A child's body and spine is very resilient, but the only way to know if they are experiencing nerve dysfunction is to get them checked by a chiropractor. Bring your child in today so we can help them reach their greatest potential throughout their entire life!

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